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SoundProtex Ear Plugs
SoundProtex Ear Plugs
SoundProtex Ear Plugs

SoundProtex Ear Plugs

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Article number: 108-3145

Ringing in your ears after a concert is not a good sign. But earplugs can make instruments sound muddled.

SoundProtex hearing protection earplugs let you enjoy high-fidelity sound at a safer volume level, protecting your hearing health and well-being.

Two-stage SoundProtex filters reduce volume yet still allow some perfectly balanced sound to pass through. With SoundProtex, you can hear brilliant sound and still carry on a conversation at the concert. Reusable SoundProtex earbuds use medical-grade, biocompatible TPE ear tips included in three sizes for a comfortable, secure fit. The full-block filter gives you complete quiet — or keeps your ears dry while you swim.


Enjoy full-frequency sound at a healthy level thanks to the patented membrane technology that filters sound in a natural way.


Engage in conversations even in loud environments with an in-ear fit that allows you to recognize where the sound comes from.

PRESERVE AMBIENT AWARENESS Keep your hearing health by reducing the sound volume to a safe level without missing details.

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